Compatible Motherboards for Lenovo

Posted on September 12, 2014 · Posted in Lenovo Driver Article
Compatible Motherboards for Lenovo

The 60Y4024
is an IBM Lenovo brand motherboard, and it really is for laptops. It comes with an Intel Centrino processor, and that is the laptop or computer component that enables applications and packages to run in your machine. This motherboard is compatible using the Lenovo Thinkpad T61 series notebook. This can be an unique equipment manufacturer portion, which means that it need to operate specifically like the initially set up motherboard. It has a 30-day guarantee, and it charges $550 as of October 2010.

The Lenovo Thinkpad Z61M comes with an Intel dual core processor. Dual core means that it may possibly do double the perform of the normal processor and the processor consists of two cores. These types of processors are a lot quicker than classic processors since they can process far more products. The manufacturer’s part quantity for this item is 42R9964. Other features of this procedure is that is includes a Mobile Intel 945 PM Express Chipset, which can hold as much as 4 Gigabytes of memory, and it’s two memory channels. It could possibly transfer details at concerning 533 Megahertz and 667 MHz It has a 90-day warranty, and it sells for concerning $195 and $220.

The 46H5772 is surely an IBM-manufactured motherboard, and it truly is compatible using the Lenovo Thinkpad designs 760 and 760 XD. This motherboard comes with a 90-day guarantee, and it really is an OEM aspect. This motherboard sells for approximately $129.99. It includes an Intel Premium processor, and it could possibly course of action data at 166 Mhz. Other attributes of this motherboard involve that it comes set up with eight MB of memory. This motherboard is only compatible with laptops.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S10 Motherboard includes an Intel processor which can approach data at one.60 GHz. The manufacturer amount for this model is NL019187, and this motherboard is only compatible using the Lenovo IdeaPad, that is Lenovo’s mini laptop and tablet series. This motherboard includes a 90-day ensure on elements, and it sells for $109.