Extend the Life of a Laptop Battery

Posted on October 19, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

1Remove it pack through the laptop if you do not use your laptop for extended amounts of time (a week and up).

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2Do not expose the battery to high heat. Usually do not leave your battery inside your car in the summertime. Hot batteries discharge very quickly.
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3Plug your laptop charger adapter right UPS and not into an electrical outlet or spike arrester.
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4If you then have a nickel-metal hydride battery, completely drain and charge the battery again every month to maximize its capacity to support a charge.
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5Fully charge new battery packs before use. A brand new battery should be fully charged and discharged (cycled) a few times before it may condition to full capacity.
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6For laptops that work well to be a desktop replacement, reinstall battery every 3-a month and allow it to release fully .
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7Do not leave an electric battery inside a laptop when using an electrical outlet for a long. This can keep your battery in a very constant state of charging up and that will lessen the life cycle from the battery.
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8Adjust screen brightness. If you utilize Windows on your laptop, we have a Power Options option in charge Panel that helps you optimize energy consumption. You are able to set notebook to be inactive you should definitely utilized for quite some time. It is usually possible to modify the display brightness about the laptop. This may allow prolonged battery.
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9Program Overload. Run merely the programs you’re using at the time of use. Programs that run in private use more resources and drain laptop life of the battery.
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10Keep a spare battery: Recommended should be to employ a spare battery. Batteries are affordable right now and easily purchased online from electronics sites. Have no less than one fully charged continually to get a quick battery change. Some laptops can run with two batteries. Some laptops will also be works with external batteries that could be easily added at the appropriate interval.