IBM Thinkpad 600E Troubleshooting

Posted on April 30, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

The 600 series of IBM ThinkPads, which includes the 600E model, was regarded by quite a few customers because the workhorse from the laptop planet. These ThinkPads had been utilized by government agencies, firms and advisable by a lot of colleges to their students. The ThinkPad 600E is effectively constructed and continues to be offered in applied markets currently typically having a value tag which is close to a brand new laptop. It can be inside the utilised marketplace which you can conveniently come across replacement components, ought to an installed device fail. The 600E was developed to run Windows 98, however it can very easily be upgraded to Windows 2000 or XP.


Delete any unneeded files and applications in the really hard drive. The original drive that shipped using the 600E is only 6.4 GB, so space runs out immediately with today’s bigger files. Run “Scandisk” to repair any corrupted files. It is best to also run the “Disk Cleanup Utility” as well as the “Defragment Utility” discovered beneath Technique Tools around the Start out Menu.

IBM continued to update the drivers for various years following the 600E was introduced. These drivers can nonetheless be situated around the Lenovo internet site. Lenovo bought the IBM Computer line, which includes laptops, in 2004 (see hyperlink in Sources).

The CMOS battery is typically the initial component to fail on a ThinkPad 600E. Should you start to obtain error codes when 1st beginning your laptop, the CMOS battery is most likely the result in. Lenovo no longer carries these batteries in stock, however they might be bought at quite a few on-line retailers. Replacement is basic. Take away the battery cover, gently disconnect the old battery and connect the new one particular in its location.

Challenging drives put on out and do will need to become replaced. The 600E can use a difficult drive as much as 20 GB in size. Bigger tough drives may be applied, however it will want to become portioned for the 600E to recognize the added space. Should you be attempting to utilize a USB device that’s developed with USB 2.0 technologies, you’ll need to find drivers that may make the device operate using the installed 1.1 USB plug-in. Lots of suppliers provide drivers with device for this issue or they’re able to be downloaded in the device site. When the installed modem fails, it’s straightforward to set up a PCMCIA modem in on the list of two installed card slots to make use of as a replacement. You can also have to have a PCMCIA LAN card should you want to connect to a LAN network or you could set up a PCMCIA wireless card to achieve precisely the same job.

Download the different manuals for the ThinkPad 600E laptop (see the hyperlink in Sources). In distinct, download the Hardware Upkeep Manual. This file will direct you step-by-step on the way to replace any element within the laptop.