The way to Insert the Ribbon Into an IBM Selectric II Typewriter

Posted on April 23, 2015 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article
The way to Insert the Ribbon Into an IBM Selectric II Typewriter

1 Move the typewriter carriage
towards the center with the typewriter and turn the power off.

2 Lift the typewriter cover.

three Move the ribbon load lever in the bottom right from the ribbon cartridge holder assembly for the left until it snaps against the quit near the center of the holder assembly.

4 Hold the ribbon cartridge at the front corners and pull it loose from the assembly. Dispose in the old cartridge.

1 Make sure the typewriter energy is off and that the loading lever at the bottom of your cartridge holder assembly is within the center loading position.

2 Position the cartridge gently inside the cartridge holder so that the uninked leader portion in the ribbon is threaded outside the left ribbon guidepost plus the two ribbon hook guides which might be situated towards the left and right from the daisy wheel form element.

3 Fit the ribbon cartridge securely among the two spring clips on every single side of the ribbon cartridge holder then press down hard so the cartridge is firmly in location.

four Thread the leader through the open hooks in the guides which might be positioned to the left and suitable from the daisy wheel kind element.

five Turn the knob on the top-right corner of your ribbon cartridge counterclockwise till you see that the leader is past the best ribbon hook guide so that black ribbon appears among the two ribbon hook guides.

six Move the loading lever from the center loading position towards the correct till it stops.

7 Close the cover. Turn the power switch back on to use the typewriter.