The proper Mouse Button Just isn’t Functioning on My Lenovo T400

Posted on June 29, 2014 ยท Posted in driver news

The Lenovo T400 ThinkPad is often a laptop that runs either Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 and comes having a full-sized keyboard and mouse. Sometimes, the ideal mouse button around the Lenovo T400 might cease functioning appropriately, stopping the user from taking benefit of mouse functions which include right-clicking and copying/pasting via the mouse. The correct mouse button may possibly cease functioning around the T400 laptop for a number of causes, and by going by way of every single prospective concern, most customers can resolve the problem.


As with most computer system difficulties, in some cases the proper mouse button trouble is only short-term. A ideal mouse button which has abruptly stopped operating around the Lenovo T400 laptop could be triggered by quite a few short-term challenges, like a crashed mouse driver, operating program error or perhaps a difficulty using a certain system crashing. When the concern is short-term, a lot of customers discover that restarting the Lenovo T400 laptop by clicking “Start,” then “Shutdown” after which “Restart” resolves it.

Even though the Lenovo T400’s trackpad and buttons generally operate fine, some customers favor to plug in an external mouse and use that as opposed to the trackpad. What these customers may not understand is the fact that after they plug within the mouse, the built-in mouse buttons could not operate. The T400’s mouse buttons are temporarily disabled to prevent unintentional trackpad mouse movements although the external mouse is plugged in. Customers who knowledge complications with their correct mouse buttons not operating as a result of an external mouse getting plugged in may well discover that removing the external mouse would be the remedy.

Regardless of the truth that the trackpad is constructed in to the Lenovo T400, it nonetheless calls for a driver to function properly using the rest on the laptop hardware along with the operating technique. Devoid of the Lenovo T400 mouse driver, the mouse’s ideal button ordinarily will not function, because the driver tends to make this functionality doable. Lenovo T400 customers can obtain the appropriate mouse driver for their laptop by going to Lenovo’s assistance web-site . By installing the appropriate driver, the user can ordinarily get the best mouse button to function.

In the event the user has currently installed the mouse driver, restarted the computer system and ensured that no external mouse is plugged in, a problem together with the ideal mouse button itself may very well be to blame. The T400’s button may perhaps cease operating simply because the button is sticky or otherwise dirty, which prevents the button from registering when clicked. Cleaning the button by following Lenovo’s user guide directions for cleaning the laptop may possibly repair this challenge. Alternatively, the mouse button can be broken. Within this case, the user can either replace the button or send the laptop or computer to Lenovo for repair.