How you can Replace the Backup Battery in an IBM Thinkpad

Posted on April 21, 2015 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article
How you can Replace the Backup Battery in an IBM Thinkpad

1 Refer
for the user’s manual for the unique IBM Thinkpad (see resources) to figure out what sort of replacement CMOS battery you will need. Purchase the battery by way of IBM, or perhaps a local or on the net laptop parts dealer.

2 Turn the Thinkpad off and unplug it. Turn it more than (bottom facing up), then touch something metal to take away static charge.

3 Slide the main battery release button for the “Unlock” position. Get rid of the primary battery pack and lay it aside. When the CMOS battery is positioned within the memory compartment, unscrew the memory cover and lay it aside.

4 Find the CMOS assembly in the key battery pack bay or memory compartment (refer for your user’s manual or assembly guide if vital). Thinkpad CMOS batteries are typically covered inside a yellow rubber-like material, and are housed within a black plastic guide.

5 Get rid of the screw that secures the plastic guide, then lift the CMOS assembly up slightly around the rear end. Pull the assembly away from the laptop, maintaining it parallel towards the laptop case.

six Hold the new CMOS assembly parallel to the laptop case, then plug the battery connector in, making sure it can be securely connected towards the motherboard. Push down around the rear finish on the plastic guide, then replace the screw.

7 Replace the primary battery pack or memory cover, then plug within the laptop. Restart the laptop, then enter the BIOS (normally by pressing the “F1″ or F3” key). Reset your method time and date when prompted, then save the settings.