How you can Replace a Hard Drive in an IBM Thinkpad

Posted on June 16, 2015 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

How you can Replace a Hard Drive in an IBM Thinkpad
1 Locate the hard-drive bay on your IBM ThinkPad. Seem for an place which has a flat head screw and both a small slot or perhaps a grooved location meant to get pushed along with your fingers.

two Use a flat-head screwdriver to get rid of the screw through the drive-bay cover.

three Insert a compact Philips-head screwdriver to the slot and twist to loosen the cover, or use your fingers to slide the cover far from the base from the laptop.

4 Remove the current tricky drive. In some designs, there is going to be a tiny blue tab that you will gently pull together with your fingers. In other designs, the hard drive are going to be connected to the bay cover and be removed once you eliminate the cover.

5 Utilize the little Phillips-head screwdriver to clear away the four screws holding the really hard drive from the caddy. Take out the current tricky drive through the caddy by sliding the drive from the base.

six Slide the new drive in to the caddy and change the 4 screws to hold it in place.

7 Insert the tricky drive back to the tough drive bay around the ThinkPad. Push the drive gently until it can be safe to the interior connection. Should the bay cover is linked for the drive caddy, you are going to not need to push, as this can come about any time you return the bay cover to your right position.

8 Slide the bay cover into the right place and screw the holding screw back into area.

9 Flip in your laptop and load your working program and any wanted application.