The best way to Restore IBM Computer systems to Factory Settings

Posted on April 18, 2015 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article
The best way to Restore IBM Computer systems to Factory Settings

1 Back up all
important data to a CD or DVD just before beginning this procedure. Once this course of action is comprehensive, all programs that you just have added towards the laptop or computer, in addition to all information might be deleted. Make certain and back up e-mail files, together with World-wide-web favorites for the browser.

two Shut down your computer system. After the personal computer has completely shut down, reboot and press the “F11” crucial on your keyboard as the laptop reboots and prior to the operating method begins to load.

3 Pick out the solution “Full Recovery” in the Rescue and Recovery system around the screen.

4 Adhere to the onscreen instruction to restore your laptop or computer to factory settings.

1 Back up your data ahead of starting this method.

2 Turn off your personal computer. Right after the computer has totally shut down, turn the laptop on.

3 Press the “F1” button, or the blue Access IBM button in case your laptop has that selection.

four Opt for “Restore Factory Settings” from the Menu screen that opens on your pc.

5 Stick to all onscreen instructions. When the approach is complete, the laptop is restored to factory settings.