The best way to Set up a SIM Card on a Lenovo X201

Posted on May 1, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

The Lenovo ThinkPad X201 is often a potent, ultra-portable laptop that provides a wealth of safety, productivity and World wide web connectivity functions. A single notable function is definitely the capacity to connect towards the World-wide-web wirelessly by way of your cellular network. To allow this function, the network have to be in a position to find and uniquely recognize you via a “subscriber identification module,” or SIM card. Though not promptly clear, the SIM card is quickly installed by means of the X201 battery compartment.


1 Turn the Lenovo X201 upside-down with all the battery facing you. The battery is positioned around the back with the telephone.

2 Slide the right-hand battery lock towards the unlocked position, indicated by an “open padlock” icon.

3 Slide the left-hand battery lock towards the unlocked position and hold it in location.

4 Slide the battery toward you to get rid of it in the Lenovo X201.

5 Align the SIM card together with the SIM card slot, positioned in the best from the battery compartment around the left.

6 Push the SIM card in to the slot, utilizing gentle stress, till it can be completely inserted. When installed, half the length on the SIM card ought to protrude in the slot. In case you can not push the SIM card in to the slot, reposition the card and retry.

7 Align the contacts around the battery with these inside the battery compartment and slide the battery firmly in spot.

8 Slide the right-hand battery lock towards the locked position.