Tips on how to Boost the IBM’s R51 Audio Volume

Posted on April 2, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

While notebook computer systems have a tendency to possess reasonably compact speakers, you are able to nonetheless get a fair level of volume out of them — in the event you understand how to enhance the volume. The IBM ThinkPad R51 features a shortcut button above the keyboard to raise the volume of one’s computer system.


1 Push the button with an icon of a speaker and an up-facing arrow subsequent for the blue “Access IBM” button in the prime on the keyboard.

2 Click the speaker-shaped icon inside the lower-right corner on the screen if pressing the volume button around the keyboard will not enhance the volume of one’s ThinkPad R51. When the box subsequent for the word “Mute” features a verify in it, click the box to eliminate the verify.

3 Click the speaker-shaped icon once again, and drag the slider up till you might be happy together with your ThinkPad R51’s volume level.