Tips on how to Flip on Touchpad Scroll

Posted on February 24, 2015 ยท Posted in driver news
Tips on how to Flip on Touchpad Scroll
1 Click “Start” (or the Windows brand button in Vista and Windows 7) and decide on “Control Panel.” Choose “Classic View” in Vista if not previously displayed. Double click “Mouse.” Chances are you’ll also accessibility “Mouse Properties” in Vista and Windows seven by clicking the Windows logo and typing “Mouse” while in the search box. Press “Enter,” then click “Mouse” when the search is completed.
two Choose the “Hardware” tab. Pick the touchpad and click “Properties.” Click “Change Settings” should the settings aren’t displayed. Click the “Device Settings” tab in Windows 7 and decide on the touchpad. Click “Settings.”
three Click “Virtual Scrolling” while in the touchpad properties window. Click the boxes next to each and every “Enable Scrolling” box and click “OK.” Scrolling is now turned on to your touchpad.