Tips on how to Reformat a Lenovo Laptop

Posted on May 16, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

Reformatting a tough drive is actually a good approach to make a fresh start out on a laptop or laptop, absolutely erasing all of the information around the challenging drive, such as the operating technique. Windows doesn’t permit customers to format discs or disc partitions which might be in use, which means that you simply can not reformat a tough drive with Windows installed on it though Windows is operating. The truth that Lenovo laptops only have a single really hard drive tends to make reformatting that challenging drive not possible from inside Windows.


1 Spot the Windows installation CD inside the laptop and restart the computer system.

2 Press a important if you see the message “Press any crucial to boot from CD.” This start off the Windows installation method.

3 Proceed by way of the installation method following on-screen directions till you get towards the “Where do you should set up Windows?” screen.

4 Click “Drive alternatives (sophisticated)” hyperlink above the “Next” button.

5 Pick any partitions you should delete, for those who have partitioned the Lenovo’s challenging drive, and click the “Delete” hyperlink. Confirm your selection when asked and wait for the partition to finish deleting prior to continuing. Repeat this procedure on any partition you would like to eliminate. Note that deleting a partition devoid of developing one more one particular will leave the unpartitioned space unusable. This step is optional.

6 Pick the partition you would like to format and click the “Format” hyperlink within the sophisticated alternatives menu.

7 Select “Quick Format” because the formatting sort and “NTFS” because the file format, then click “OK” to format the Lenovo laptop’s challenging drive. You could now either continue with all the Windows reinstallation or exit the method. A laptop without having an operating technique installed won’t function beyond the fundamental startup method, even though.