Tips on how to Troubleshoot a Lenovo R40 Laptop

Posted on June 14, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

The Lenovo R40 laptop was initially constructed by IBM involving 2001 and 2005. IBM sold its private pc division to Lenovo in 2005, like the ThinkPad brand. As element of your sale, IBM agreed to supply promoting help by means of 2010. Lots of Lenovo R40 laptops shipped to prospects with each the IBM and ThinkPad logo. The Lenovo R40 makes use of the Intel Pentium chip set. Processing speeds variety involving 1.3 and 2.4 gigahertz, according to configuration. Random Access Memory (RAM) ranges from 128 megabytes to 2 gigabytes. It is actually a tough laptop developed for organization use. All troubleshooting need to start from a challenging reset of your method.


1 Eliminate all external devices in the laptop, energy down the laptop and get rid of each the AC adapter and also the battery pack.

2 Plug the AC adapter straight into a energy supply and reboot the laptop with out installing the battery pack and see if this resolves the issue. In the event the difficulty is solved, turn off the laptop, reinstall the battery pack and reboot.

3 Recharge the battery pack immediately after rebooting. In a lot of situations a low battery will trigger the laptop to decrease show lighting, reduce Windows screens and show low energy warning messages. Right after completely recharging the laptop, reboot and verify for error messages. In the event the challenge is resolved, stop by the Lenovo and Microsoft web sites and, working with their respective “Search” fields, find and update the laptop’s drivers, utilities and operating method application.

4 Listen for sound with the challenging drive spinning or the fan operating in the event you reboot as well as your show remains blank. No sound indicates probable challenges together with the energy program. Hearing the fan and challenging drive whilst the screen remains blank indicates feasible video or show challenges.

5 Examine the energy cord and energy supply. Ensure each are operating appropriately. The most effective strategy for testing the energy cable is usually to plug straight into a functioning energy outlet and try to reboot. You ought to also verify the energy outlet by putting a further household appliance in to the outlet to figure out in the event the outlet is operating.

6 Examine the battery pack. A great method, if probable, is always to replace the battery pack with a further battery that you just know is functioning and completely charged. In the event the replacement battery functions, your original battery pack could possibly be defective and must be replaced. In the event the difficulty nevertheless remains when attempting to boot together with the replacement battery, you might have internal energy provide complications that ought to be resolved by a educated technician.

7 Connect an external monitor for the laptop and reboot, seeking for lights, listening for sound and checking for the Windows logo screen. When the monitor functions, make use of the “Function” and “F5” and “F6” keys to switch towards the laptop show and adjust the show lighting by utilizing the acceptable “Function” and arrow keys.

8 Reboot the laptop. When the pc reboots adequately, troubleshoot the precise program or device that’s not functioning. In case you see a blue screen with an error message, respond for the precise error message by going to each the Lenovo and Microsoft internet websites. Input the precise error message in their respective “Search” fields. Execute the advised repair in the outcomes of one’s search.

9 Take away external devices in case you have rebooted as well as the laptop fails to operate correctly and also you possess a blue screen. They are indicators of device conflicts. A really hard reset, as pointed out above, generally resolves device conflicts.

10 Reboot and depress the “F2” or “F8” keys and begin your laptop in “Safe Mode with Line Prompts.” In case your laptop hangs prior to reaching the Windows logo screen, there will probably be a series of device checks visible on a black screen. Create down the final recognized operation becoming performed by the laptop. Pay a visit to the Lenovo and Microsoft internet websites and make use of the “Search” field to discover the option for the onscreen device trouble. Reboot the program soon after resolving the issue as advisable by either Lenovo or Microsoft.

11 Reboot and depress the “F2” or “F8” keys although the operating method is loading and pick the “Last Identified Very good Configuration” solution. This can allow the program to boot from a configuration that previously worked. When the laptop effectively reboots, visit “Start,” “Control Panel” and “Add and Eliminate Applications and Windows Components” and take away all lately installed applications. Restart the laptop soon after applications have already been removed to identify in the event the dilemma has been resolved.

12 Click on “Start,” “All Applications,” “Accessories” and “System Restore.” Adhere to each of the onscreen prompts to restore the program to a date when the laptop was operating properly. That is incredibly comparable to booting from “Last Identified Very good Configuration.”

13 Stop by the Windows and Lenovo internet websites, download and set up all updates for the operating technique, utilities and drivers. Check out the web-site of the antivirus software program provider and download the most recent updates for this application. Run a complete scan of your laptop for viruses.

14 Insert your Windows Recovery CD-DVD inside the optical disk drive and reinstall the operating technique, utilities and drivers in the event the laptop continues to be encountering difficulties. Back up all information stored in your really hard drive before making use of the recovery media since this operation will wipe the challenging drive clean. Comply with all onscreen prompts for the restoration of your method. Update the drivers, utilities and operating technique following finishing the reinstallation. Updates are discovered by going to each the Lenovo and Microsoft web sites and navigating via their “Support and Downloads” tab around the menu bar.