The Touchpad on My Lenovo T400 Is not Operating

Posted on March 8, 2014 · Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

Your Lenovo ThinkPad T400 laptop delivers a touchpad under the keyboard that acts as a mouse to move the cursor on-screen applying your fingertips. Despite the fact that this built-in mouse is usually a hassle-free function as you use your laptop, it might bring about aggravation if it stops functioning all of a sudden. You’ll need to connect an external, USB mouse to navigate your laptop as you troubleshoot the touchpad’s sudden unresponsive behavior.

Clean the Touchpad

Navigating your T400 relies on correct connection in between your fingertip plus the surface of your touchpad to move the cursor. If either surface is oily or otherwise dirty, the touchpad won’t respond for your touch. Wash your hands completely ahead of applying your T400, and clean the touchpad having a damp cloth or rubbing alcohol to take away all built-up dirt and oils.

Allow the Touchpad

By way of the course of use, your touchpad may perhaps have already been disabled to stop accidental cursor movement as you variety. Verify the status of one’s touchpad by getting into the “Control Panel” in your program and clicking on “Mouse.” Click around the “UltraNav” tab and ensure that “Enable Touchpad” is chosen. Alternately, you could toggle involving enabling and disabling the touchpad by pressing the “Fn” and “F8” keys simultaneously.

Update Driver

The drivers linked together with your T400’s touchpad may possibly have turn out to be corrupted or broken, stopping correct communication in between the laptop and device. Verify Lenovo’s web page for updates for your drivers and set up them to repair the issue. Outdated operating program files may possibly also result in poor touchpad functionality, so verify Microsoft’s web site for operating technique updates.

Verify for Malware

Mysterious, sudden issues along with your laptop or computer could indicate the presence of malware applications someplace in your method. Viruses, spyware and adware all secretly set up themselves within your files, causing laptop or computer sluggishness, crashes and hardware troubles. Run a deep malware scan to recognize and do away with any achievable invaders in your program, and return the T400 to correct functioning order.