How you can Troubleshoot an IBM Selectric Typewriter

Posted on June 4, 2015 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article
How you can Troubleshoot an IBM Selectric Typewriter

one Check the machine is plugged into a doing work outlet and the On/Off button is inside the “On” position.

2 Verify that the machine is not really while in the stencil place by adjusting the lever towards the left and just below the typing component (the silver ball using the raised alphanumerics). When the sort print is too light, verify that you’ve got the impression selector set at a medium level. It is actually the little lever simply to the ideal with the typing component.

3 Examine the ribbon to make confident it can be taut. Tighten a loose ribbon by inserting a pencil into 1 of the holes on major in the ribbon cartridge and winding in the course proven by the arrow. Should the ribbon is just not imprinting onto the paper, check out altering the ribbon by following the steps offered while in the user manual. See the References segment to entry the guide on the internet.

4 Verify the typing component is correctly set up by removing it and replacing it into position. To accomplish so, be sure the caps lock is not really on, then lift the typing component release lever with the top with the ball. Lift it out, then gently area it back on the publish, producing particular the triangle is following to your platen.

five Clean the typing component using the brush provided if you obtained the machine, or by using a stiff-bristled toothbrush. Don’t use any cleanser. Only brush the element to remove any clotted ink or dust particles.

6 Clean any debris from among the keys or from the typing mechanism through the use of the tweezers or the cotton-tipped applicators.