Ways to Connect the Lenovo ThinkPad to Television

Posted on May 5, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

The Lenovo ThinkPad is actually a laptop that runs Microsoft Windows. Most Lenovo computer systems have smaller sized screens, with all the biggest ranging to about fifteen inches. In case you are presenting to a big group, you could desire to connect your Lenovo to a tv monitor.


1 Energy in your Lenovo Thinkpad laptop and wait for it to boot totally.

2 Plug the VGA cable in to the VGA port around the side of the laptop. The VGA port is normally employed to connect your computer system having a common monitor.

3 Connect a VGA to RCA adapter onto the free of charge finish in the VGA cable. The adapter has 1 side that plugs into VGA cables when the other side accepts a yellow RCA cable. The yellow cable offers the video signal (red and white are audio cables).

4 Plug a yellow RCA cable in to the RCA finish on the adapter. Plug the other finish in to the “Video In” port around the tv.

5 Energy around the tv and press the “Video” button around the tv (the remote manage may perhaps also possess a “Video” button). In the event the image will not load the very first time, it really is since the cable is not inserted in to the initial “Video In” port. Press the “Video” button once again till the laptop or computer is displayed onto the tv.