Ways to Place a CD Drive Into an IBM ThinkPad

Posted on June 11, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

Most models on the IBM ThinkPad have an interchangeable drive bay which you can use to swap among floppy drives, CD or DVD drives or to add a second tough drive or battery. According to the model of the ThinkPad, this really is named the UltraBay, Slim UltraBay, or Transportable drive bay. In case your laptop came using a floppy drive within the bay, you’ll be able to swap it out using a CD drive.


1 Establish the model on the CD drive that’s compatible along with your model of ThinkPad. You’ll be able to locate this details within your customers manual. In the event you don’t have the manual, you are able to download it in the IBM site by typing within your model quantity within the search box.

2 Download the CD-ROM drivers in the IBM web page. To discover them,kind your model quantity, by way of example, 2373-6ZU, in to the search box in the IBM web page. You might be taken to a web page of downloads obtainable for the model ThinkPad.

3 Find the release mechanism for the drive bay in your computer system. On some models, this can be a push lever around the bottom in the machine. On other models, there’s a little push lever around the side in the machine close to the drive.

4 Get rid of the current drive by pushing the lever. The drive need to slide out quickly.

5 Insert the CD drive in to the empty bay and gently push till it locks in spot.

6 Turn around the machine and set up the drivers for the CD which you downloaded from IBM. Reboot, if directed to accomplish so.