Ways to Reset the BIOS within a Lenovo T61

Posted on June 24, 2014 ยท Posted in Lenovo Driver Article

In most situations, computer systems are rather forgiving when customers make incorrect alterations for the simple input/output program firmware. One particular region exactly where computer systems are usually not forgiving, on the other hand, is inside the BIOS password. For those who accidentally set a power-on password for the Lenovo ThinkPad T61, or produced one more modify that prevents you from applying the pc, you’ll be able to temporarily disconnect the battery that retailers this details to reset the BIOS configuration.


1 Turn the ThinkPad T61 off. Position the personal computer face down together with the screen closed and also the battery and all cables removed. Turn the personal computer to ensure that the empty battery compartment faces away from you.

2 Unscrew the 5 Phillips-head screws around the bottom from the ThinkPad T61. 4 with the screws are within a line around the front half from the personal computer along with the fifth is within the middle. Turn the ThinkPad T61 more than and open the screen.

3 Find the release buttons around the side of your palm rest, and push them in. Whilst holding the buttons, lift the palm rest away in the pc till you’re in a position to access the cable for the touch pad.

4 Grasp the touch pad cable by the pull tab around the finish, and gently lift the cable off with the motherboard connector. Set the palm rest aside.

5 Lift the keyboard out of its compartment inside the middle from the ThinkPad T61. Disconnect the keyboard cable within the exact same way you removed the touch pad table. Set the keyboard aside. Close to the center in the ThinkPad T61, you must see a metallic coin cell battery having a wire coming out of it. The wire ends having a white plastic plug connected for the motherboard.

6 Disconnect the white plug in the motherboard. When the plug is connected also tightly for you personally to eliminate it together with your hand, gently pry the plug up using a non-conductive tool.

7 Reconnect the ThinkPad T61 energy cable and turn the pc on. Let a moment for it to show an error message regarding the missing keyboard, then turn it back off. The BIOS for the ThinkPad T61 has been cleared.

8 Reconnect the coin cell battery. Reverse the preceding measures to reassemble the ThinkPad T61.